The best beach bags

There is much more to a beach bag than meets the eye. Here are our top picks for the best beach bags this summer.

You’re headed out the door and you’re on route to the beach for the day… surfboard in tow, towel under your arm, water bottle in your hand. You suddenly remember you need to bring sunscreen, and a snack, and a hat, and a bar of wax, and that fin key, and a portable speaker. And just like that, you don’t have enough hands.

This is where the beach bag comes in. The beach bag is a highly underrated accessory that, for any beach lover or surfer, is an absolute necessity.

When warm weather rolls around and you’re looking to spend those long days at the beach, you need to have the right beach bag for your needs. To help you choose from all of those options out there, we’ve broken down the beach bag into a number of categories and picked our favourites in each.

Whether you’re after a jumbo beach bag for multiple towels and a long day with friends and family, or you’re after something designed for surfing, look no further…

The Best Beach Bags for Summer

Straw Beach Bags

Feeling the summer heat? Straw is the ultimate warm weather beach companion, bringing those holiday vibes to whatever beach you’re frequenting…

Jumbo Totes

Heading to the beach with friends or family? You need enough space in that beach tote to hold a few towels, some extra hats and a bit of sunscreen.

Sand-Proof Beach Bags

There’s nothing worse than spending a day at the beach, then bringing the beach home (or to your car). Keep the sand where it should be with a sand-proof beach bag, designed with smooth material that won’t hold onto those granules after you leave the beach.

Best for Surfing

As a surfer we have special needs at the beach. Hooded change towels. Neoprene wetsuit changing mats. The list goes on. But, one of the most important things for a surfer to have at the beach is a wetsuit bag. Jump out of the surf and onto the sand without putting your neoprene at risk with one of these beach bags designed specifically for surfers…

Best for Travel

On a road trip with your friends? Or just headed down the coast for the day? Rather than just a beach bag, find a travel backpack that can double as a beach bag.

Best Cooler

If you’re spending a big day at the beach, you’re probably going to want a cool beverage and a chilled snack. Beach bag doubled with a cooler bag? Why not.

Great Value

On a budget this summer? No stress. There’s always a beach bag that you can grab for great value…

Rip Curl’s beach bags come in an array of sizes, from standard to jumbo totes, keeping all your essentials in one place. Featuring fun prints and bold colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag.


Tom Curren on Surfing at “The Ranch”

The 3x World Champ gives the pool a whirl. Here’s what he has to say about it.

Not too long ago 3x World Champion Tom Curren travelled in a direction he very rarely moves – inland. Heading east from the coast of California, he drove until he hit a little town called Leemore. There in Leemore, in the middle of the Californian desert, he drew out those classic TC lines on the world’s most famous artificial wave.

“That wave, wow…” Tom says over the phone, a few days after his session. “What’s most impressive to me is the length of the wave. It’s very long, and that’s great.”

Tom is used to surfing the best waves in the world, he’s spent his life chasing perfection in the ocean. But even Tom Curren, the world’s penultimate Searcher, can admit that the Surf Ranch is among the best waves on this planet. “Yeah,” he says. “The crazy thing is that this wave, it’s just like all of those other really good waves around the world. But it’s in a pool. It’s just crazy.

“I’ve been to the Surf Ranch a few times and the biggest benefit I see in the wave pool is that it is very beneficial for researching board design. They’ve made this machine wave and you can surf it and compare boards and tweak designs. The other biggest benefit is that, because it’s such a perfect wave, literally anybody can get in the barrel. People go there and they’ve never been barrelled and then they all of a sudden they’re in it. That’s huge.”

The first time Tom went to the wave pool he was riding an experimental board, which he describes as a cross between a skimboard and a surfboard. However as he touches on above, the perfection and repetition of the Surf Ranch will quickly set a good board apart from the bad ones. “Yeah, the experimental board I was having trouble with. I was trying to make something that had a cross between the really sharp edges of a skimboard and the round edges of a surfboard.

“Sharp edges are all about the release, and the softer rounded edge is all about holding on and holding into the tube. If you’re on a wave and you’re going through the barrel, if it’s a good board it’ll hold into the face of the wave. The good ones hold into the face of the wave and then if they have a concave towards the tail, they can accelerate out of a trouble spot. The best boards, the ones that hold the board into the face that well, you can almost be blindfolded. The board will know where to go. But when I went to the pool with this hybrid I knew right away, I went, okay, right, this board sucks. So instead I rode a Black Beauty, and that seemed to go well. I was happy with that.

“A lot of people go to the Surf Ranch to work on manoeuvres and tricks and to get better at tube riding, but that’s not where I see the value. The usefulness for me is working on board design, and getting barrelled. You can get barrelled in that pool every time, any time. And every time I get the opportunity to go, I’ll go. I love it.”

It’s not every day you see 3x World Champion Tom Curren surfing the world’s most perfect artificial wave. Take it in…


A Guide To Wakeboard Vests

With so many options out there, buying a wakeboard vest can be a confusing process. To help, here is the ultimate guide to wakeboard vests.

There’s nothing better than a warm summer afternoon on the lake, soaking up the rays with friends and taking turns wakeboarding behind the boat. The last thing you want to be worrying about on those carefree, sunny days, is whether or not you’re safe.

Wakeboard vests are an imperative when it comes to wakeboarding and boating – and if you make the right choice once when purchasing your vests, you will never have to worry about it again.

However, with so many options out there, buying a buoyancy vest can be a confusing process. That’s why we’re here to help with the ultimate guide to wakeboard vests.

When purchasing a wake vest or life jacket, there are a few key features that you should look out for:

Flex performance

In order for you to perform at high levels, your vest has to perform at high levels too. If you’re riding in a vest that isn’t designed with flexibility in mind, your freedom of movement will be restricted, and you won’t be able to reach your full potential in the water.

Same goes for on the boat – if you’re wearing your life vest as you jet across the lake, you want to be able to have total flexibility in your arms and chest.

Drainage system

If you’re investing in a good wake vest, you need to be looking out for what kind of drainage system the vest has been built with. The faster water drains out of the vest panels, the faster it will dry and the lighter the vest will be.

You don’t want to be wearing a wet, heavy vest when you pop up behind the boat and lean in for that first big carve!

Kidney belt

A kidney belt is an internal belt within the vest that locks down the jacket to your body and simultaneously provides lower back support. If you’re an avid wakeboarder, a kidney belt is a must.

Seamless underarms

Seamless underarms ensure that you won’t get underarm chafe while riding in the wake vest or boating in the life jacket. If you’re wearing your vest for longer periods of time, or you’re wearing it frequently, this is an important thing to look out for.

Easy on-off buckles

Single or dual buckles help safely secure the wake vest while you’re riding or boating. However, be sure that these buckles are easy to use and don’t require hassling or fussing to clip and unclip.

Quality neoprene

When buying a wake vest, you’re investing in a big hunk of neoprene and you want to make sure that neoprene will stand the test of time. Quality neoprene will ensure you’re buying a high stretch, lightweight wake vest that won’t easily rip and tear.

Rip Curl Wakeboard Vests

At Rip Curl, we offer four different categories of wakeboard vests, the Flashbomb, the Dawn Patrol Pro, the Dawn Patrol and the Omega. This allows you to choose the best wake vest based on your skill level and frequency of use.

Now that you know what you’re looking for in terms of features, check out our range below to find the right buoyancy vest for you.

The Flashbomb Vest

Designed to offer ultimate performance, flexibility and buoyancy, the Flashbomb vest is the best wakeboard vest for men and women. This top-of-the line buoyancy vest is ideal for serious wakeboarders and boaters.

Key features:
• Flash Lining, making it the world’s fastest drying vest
• Ultimate Flex for Ultimate Performance
• Side Flex Gussets for increased user comfort and performance
• Dual Internal Drainage System, removing water from the internal jacket for a quicker drying time
• Kidney Belt providing lower back support
• Ergonomic Design for the ultimate in comfort
• Seamless Underarm for smooth underarm panels and a clean finish
• E5 neoprene, our premium high stretch and lightweight neoprene
• Single buckle for easy on-off

The Dawn Patrol Pro Vest

The Dawn Patrol Pro vest is a high-quality performance wakeboard vest that will suit most wakeboarders and boaters, especially those looking for additional support and comfort in their vest.

Key features:
• Ultimate Flex for Ultimate Performance
• Ergonomic Design for the ultimate in comfort
• Kidney Belt providing lower back support
• Dual Internal Drainage System, removing water from the internal jacket for a quicker drying time
• Single buckle for easy on-off
• Seamless Underarm for smooth underarm panels and a clean finish

The Dawn Patrol Vest

Perfect for frequent but casual wakeboarders and boaters, the Dawn Patrol vest is perfect for men and woman of all shapes and sizes.

Key Features: • Ultimate Flex for Ultimate Performance
• Ergonomic Design for the ultimate in comfort
• Dual Internal Drainage System, removing water from the internal jacket for a quicker drying time
• Single buckle for easy on-off
• Seamless Underarm for smooth underarm panels and a clean finish

The Omega Vest

Designed to suit casual wakeboarders and boaters who are looking for an economic yet high quality vest, the Omega vest puts an emphasis on safety over high performance. It’s suitable for everyone and comes in a huge range of sizes.

Key Features:
• Ergonomic Design for the ultimate in comfort
• Dual Internal Drainage System, removing water from the internal jacket for a quicker drying time
• Double buckle for added security
• Seamless Underarm for smooth underarm panels and a clean finish


How to Store Wetsuits

Wondering how to take care of your wetsuit? We’ve got a step-by-step guide of do’s and don’ts.

Wetsuits are put under some of the harshest conditions that we are subjected to during our time on this planet. Saltwater. UV rays. Strong, relentless wind. These are the kinds of natural forces that chew through steel.

It’s these harsh conditions and exposures that make taking care of your wetsuit extremely important. Purchasing a wetsuit isn’t an inexpensive undertaking – a wetsuit is an investment. And just like a good suit, it’s worth taking care of.

So, how do you store a wetsuit? Here we’ll take you through a step-by-step guide of the do’s and don’ts in how to take care of your wetsuit. Make the most of your investment and treat your wetsuit with the respect it deserves!

How to take care of your wetsuit:

Always rinse your wetsuit after surfing, either with fresh water or a wetsuit cleaning detergent

Use fresh water to rinse out your wetsuit after every surf. This stops salt from crusting on the neoprene and helps keep things hygienic. If you can, use a wetsuit cleaning product like Piss Off. Piss Off is a detergent that has been designed specifically for cleaning neoprene and it will help kill bacteria and microbes in your suit.

Preferably, don’t pee in your wetsuit

We know it’s tempting, but if you can, refrain from the mid-surf relief. If you have to, it’s not the end of the world, just make sure you rinse out your suit properly post-surf.

DO NOT leave your wetsuit to dry in direct sunlight

This is a big one, people! After you rinse out your wetsuit, ensure you hang it to dry in the shade – and if there’s no shade, ensure it’s NOT hanging in direct sunlight. Additionally, always try to hang your wetsuit over a smooth, round surface, such as a balcony railing. Hang it at the waist with an equal balance on each side.

Ensure your wetsuit is 100% dry before storing

If you’re not going surfing and you’re planning on storing your wetsuit for a few days, ensure your suit is 100% dry before finding the right place for storage. The best way to do this is to dry one side of your suit, then, once that side is dry, turn your wetsuit inside out. Chances are the other side of your suit will still be wet. So, once again hang your wetsuit over a smooth, round surface out of direct sunlight. Wait for both sides to be entirely dry before storing. This will help prevent mould.

Store your wetsuit in a cool and dry place

Again, this is a critical part of the wetsuit care process. Finding the right place to store your wetsuit can make or break the lifespan of your suit, so make sure you aren’t hasty in throwing a semi-dry suit in a cupboard! You’ll want to find a cool, dry space to hang your wetsuit in. This will help your suit stay flexible and mould-free.

Additionally, you’ll want to use a large coat hanger with rounded shoulders for your wetsuit. Rip Curl wetsuit hangers are specifically designed to pad the shoulders and provide enough space for the wetsuit to breathe, so we recommend upcycling and re-using the hanger you are provided at purchase.

Remember to be gentle

Last but not least, remember to be gentle with your wetsuit! When you’re changing out of your wetsuit in the carpark, try to avoid standing on gravel or dragging your suit through the mud. Is that how you would treat a $500 dress suit? We didn’t think so…

By following these tips and tricks you will extend the lifespan of your wetsuit and ensure you get the most out of your investment.