It is colder, wetter, the sun goes down sooner… Guess what? Winter is coming. Some will continue to brave harsh climatic conditions to face the powerful swells of winter, even with negative temperatures.

Perfect swell, empty line-up, maximum motivation: you checked the previsions, it’s time to drop your cellphone and go see for yourself.

Gear loaded, coffee swallowed, a little ride and here you are, parked near your favourite spot.

Just a few minutes left before your surfing session. Maybe the best of the year, who knows? But here we are, it’s WINTER. It’s freezing, raining, and windy. This is why
Rip Curl designed the Anti-Series Collection.


It will protect you under all weathers and keep you warm both before and after your winter surfing session, so that you can live the Search all year long. Team tested, and approved!

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