There is much more to a beach bag than meets the eye. Here are our top picks for the best beach bags this summer.

You’re headed out the door and you’re on route to the beach for the day… surfboard in tow, towel under your arm, water bottle in your hand. You suddenly remember you need to bring sunscreen, and a snack, and a hat, and a bar of wax, and that fin key, and a portable speaker. And just like that, you don’t have enough hands.

This is where the beach bag comes in. The beach bag is a highly underrated accessory that, for any beach lover or surfer, is an absolute necessity.

When warm weather rolls around and you’re looking to spend those long days at the beach, you need to have the right beach bag for your needs. To help you choose from all of those options out there, we’ve broken down the beach bag into a number of categories and picked our favourites in each.

Whether you’re after a jumbo beach bag for multiple towels and a long day with friends and family, or you’re after something designed for surfing, look no further…

The Best Beach Bags for Summer

Straw Beach Bags

Feeling the summer heat? Straw is the ultimate warm weather beach companion, bringing those holiday vibes to whatever beach you’re frequenting…

Jumbo Totes

Heading to the beach with friends or family? You need enough space in that beach tote to hold a few towels, some extra hats and a bit of sunscreen.

Sand-Proof Beach Bags

There’s nothing worse than spending a day at the beach, then bringing the beach home (or to your car). Keep the sand where it should be with a sand-proof beach bag, designed with smooth material that won’t hold onto those granules after you leave the beach.

Best for Surfing

As a surfer we have special needs at the beach. Hooded change towels. Neoprene wetsuit changing mats. The list goes on. But, one of the most important things for a surfer to have at the beach is a wetsuit bag. Jump out of the surf and onto the sand without putting your neoprene at risk with one of these beach bags designed specifically for surfers…

Best for Travel

On a road trip with your friends? Or just headed down the coast for the day? Rather than just a beach bag, find a travel backpack that can double as a beach bag.

Best Cooler

If you’re spending a big day at the beach, you’re probably going to want a cool beverage and a chilled snack. Beach bag doubled with a cooler bag? Why not.

Great Value

On a budget this summer? No stress. There’s always a beach bag that you can grab for great value…

Rip Curl’s beach bags come in an array of sizes, from standard to jumbo totes, keeping all your essentials in one place. Featuring fun prints and bold colours, you’ll be sure to find the perfect bag.